Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My purpose and an introduction

Some days are hard, others are good; sometimes they're even better or worse. It's a hard fact some of us force ourselves to accept, so I formed this blog in hopes to inspire a deeper meaning for life and attaining joy and happiness on a daily basis, despite all of the bad stuff.

I'd like to thank you for reading this first entry and finding your way here. My name's Erin. I'd like to start off saying that I have plenty of reasons to be happy, but like any average person, I've made mistakes that have left an imprint on my life to where I find myself seeking a way to be happier: I want to do something with my life, to make something of myself. I have lots of reasons to be happy in life: I have a loving family, wonderful parents, and a fantastic boyfriend. Yet even with the basic, fundamental aspect of love in my life, I think that exercises in happiness would be good for me (and everyone.)

I'd like to make it clear to you that I haven't read lots of books on the subject of finding happines, nor am I any sort of life coach, nor do I have any kind of scientific training in psychology, anthropology, or anything to that degree. Instead, this blog is a means of giving some of the details of the ways I find happiness. I hope that I may inspire others to also find joy, perhaps by using some of the methods I come across, try and post about.

I promise to always be truthful in my posts, and to post at least once a week. My aim is to find a way to make myself happy every single day.

I formed the idea for creating this blog while searching on Google for what I could possibly blog about--which I've done countless times. I came to a revelation via a post on, "Killer Content - 33 Thoughts" that I could blog about something true and honest and I could get a world of personal success and good from it.

As such, Journey to Joy was created. Here's to the future, where I'm absolutely certain we'll grow and experience the happiness that's waiting for us.